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With extensive training in child development, child psychology, and parenting, I have expertise in helping parents whose children are struggling. I provide parenting coaching and consultation for parents wishing to have support in this area. I also provide longer-term psychotherapy for parents who have had difficult childhoods of their own, and/or struggle with effective parenting. 


I reserve a limited number of spaces in my practice to work with children and adolescents. I provide play therapy to children and supportive psychotherapy to adolescents, and work closely with parents. Across all services, collaboration with other professionals is a top priority. 


I draw from several theoretical models to inform my work, however, my practice is primarily grounded in Control Mastery Theory. CMT is an empirically-validated theory which asserts that our childhood relationships and experiences result in assumptions and beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world. Some of these beliefs are negative, and can have a significant impact on our development, relationships, and pursuit of healthy goals. During therapy, I help people uncover their limiting beliefs and empower their positive change. 

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